Meet the Team!


Studio Manager


The boss lady!

Maria has been a photographer for 20 years and has photographed

thousands of children in her time working for Olan Mills and Pixifotos in Debenhams - Chatham and Canterbury. Maria is the proud owner of Footprints Photography Studios! 
Dave the duck has been her companion for the whole 20 years making the little ones laugh and smile!  Maria has a diploma in photography and is first aid trained and newborn safety and posing trained! 
Maria has 4 children.


Head of Editing


Kirsty is our editing queen!

All of your photos get passed to Kirsty so she can work her editing

magic! Kirsty went to university to study photography, she graduated and got her degree in 2012. She is also first aid trained and Newborn safety and posing trained!

Kirsty has 2 children.




Aliya joined us is November 2019. She decided to pursue a career in photography after studying it at school. She has recently completed

her diploma at college and now works full time in the studio. Working at Footprints has enabled her to progress not only in photography but also in confidence. 

Aliya has an 8 year old sister and a bunny called Biscuit!


Assistant Manager


Abbie is our assistant studio manager here at Footprints!

Abbie has been a photographer

for 15 years and brings her energetic bubbly personality into every shoot making sure she gets lots of smiles! Abbie has worked in Photography for Pixifotos - in Debenhams Chatham - and Bounty at Medway Hospital! Abbie is first aid and newborn safety and posing trained!

Abbie has 2 little boys.




After recently rediscovering her passion for photography, you can find her behind the camera and running your shoots, working

closely with you to achieve your vision resulting in photos you’ll cherish forever.


Carla has worked in numerous customer facing jobs and has a degree in Communication and Media from Bournemouth University after graduating in 2019!




Aaliyah is our web designer and editor!

She creates the magic behind our

website keeping everything up to date for all our customers and helps out with all our editing when needed, so all your images are perfectly completed as quickly as possible!

Aaliyah is currently working towards her diploma at college for Graphic Design.